Pillarization (Verzuiling)

Historical Dictionary of the Netherlands. . 2012.

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  • pillarization — This term is a translation of the Dutch word Verzuiling, first used by the political scientist J. P. Kruyt to describe the peculiar nature of the social structure and political institutions in the Netherlands, although it has since been applied… …   Dictionary of sociology

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  • Sphere sovereignty — In Neo Calvinism, sphere sovereignty (Dutch: souvereinitet in eigen kring ) is the concept that each sphere (or sector) of life has its own distinct responsibilities and authority or competence, and stands equal to other spheres of life. Sphere… …   Wikipedia

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  • Davidsfonds — The Davidsfonds is a Catholic organisation in Flanders, Belgium with the purpose of promoting the Flemish culture in the areas of literature, history and art. The Davidsfonds was founded in Leuven, Belgium on 15 January 1875, with the motto Voor… …   Wikipedia

  • Political parties —    The constitution of the new Kingdom of the Netherlands in 1814–1815 limited suffrage to a very small group of rich and propertied people. The political elite remained an oligarchy, even after the proclamation of a new constitution in 1848… …   Historical Dictionary of the Netherlands

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